Hello to all our new visitors!

Welcome to “Purely Boys” and thank you for looking. I started this site as my son asked me if he could have a lockable diary like his sisters! As he is not a keen writer I jumped at the chance to encourage it! I looked online and I could only find garishly hideous ones and lots of forums where people had asked where to get some. My husband is a printer so I thought great I will design and make one and sell them at craft fares. I then got the flu and with far too much thinking time on my hands I decided why stop there and “Purely Boys” was born.

We have lots more goodies to come including more clothes and baby clothes a catapult and much more. I am hoping to have a bed time story book written and illustrated too.

Suggestions are very much welcome and I will try and source anything I think is viable. Also if you have an idea and want to invent it and sell on this site then please do get in touch.

Many thanks


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