Vizor Pro


Vizor Pro


  • Virtual reality headset with 3D viewing
  • 360º head tracking and ultra wide field of vision
  • Headphone slots and adjustable lenses for the perfect view
  • Comparable with Android and iOS

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The Vizor Glasses Pro virtual reality headset lets you experience the virtual world from the comfort of your living room. This fantastic headset connects with your smartphone apps to immerse yourself into ultra-wide viewing platform where you can watch movies, explore incredible new worlds, play games. Drop down the front door and enjoy the wonders of augmented reality in your own home! This personal entertainment unit provides an upgraded viewing environment, with comfort wear leather eye mask, adjustable viewing settings and adjustable lenses, catering the virtual world exactly how you want it! The Vizor Glasses Pro comes in a presentation box with micro fibre lens cloth and instruction manual, and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows phones up to 15 cm x 8 cm.


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