Buggi Lights


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Buggi Lights


Keep your child safe in the dark

  • Available in red or blue
  • Seen 500 meters away
  • White LED at the front Red at the back
  • Takes minutes to install
  • Fun ladybird design
  • Easy to fit on any sized bar
  • Use on scooters and bikes too

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Shaped like ladybirds these extremely easy to fit Buggi Lights are a fun and simple way to make buggies, scooters and bikes safe in the dark.

Available in blue or red, Buggi Lights can be seen from 500 meters away.

Each box contains a white LED light to face forward and a red LED light to face back.  They have a stretchy loop which fits any size bar and they only take a few seconds to install.  Making your child’s buggy or scooter safe and seen everywhere you go.


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