Twister Lamp


Twister Lamp


  • Colour-changing table light with a tornado-like display
  • LED lights change in colour, creating calming, soothing pattern
  • Impress your friends and family with a mesmerising light and colour show
  • Lamp does not get hot, making it perfect for children’s bedrooms;
  • Measures approx. 25cm. The lamp is operated by 3 x AA batteries, with an option to use a 4.5V DC cable (Neither are included).

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A colour Changing, liquid filled lamp that creates tornado-like vortex display. Switch on the colour Changing, liquid filled lamp to see a Tornado like vortex. The Leda pulsate through a spiral of hues to create a mesmerising display. Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included), but also includes the options of being run off the mains (cable not included). lamp measures approx. 25 cm and is packed in a colourful box.


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